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Learn Spanish with a Podcast with no Spanish to English Translation nor into Other Languages

What is Spanish only Spanish Podcast?


SPANISH only SPANISH Podcast (SoS) is aimed at people with a basic level of Spanish, and that are seeking to improve to a superior level of conversation. Podcasting is the most modern and functional way to learn a new language wherever and  whenever you want. How can you use podcasts for learning Spanish? With your computer or  without it, with a CD, or with an iPod, iPad or any other MP3 player. 

We offer episodes for everyone who wants to improve their spoken level. Those who seriously want to learn in less time, can obtain the Additional Material (MA). It includes  an mp3 file and a PDF document with the script of the dialogues, the entire content of each episode, vocabulary, grammar, cultural notes, etc.

All Podcast are copyrighted © by Spanish-only-Spanish.  It is not permitted to post any script or podcast file on another website.

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So glad I came across these podcasts! I have to use Spanish on a daily basis for my job, but do not use Spanish at home. Listening to these podcasts during my commute or while jogging have helped me maintain fluency and my accent. The podcasts include vocabulary differences across Latin American countries, which a have found to be really helpful.” By reagleson. April 25, 2012. iTunes Store USA. ★★★★★



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Serious studies on language learning, indicate that the best approach is to avoid Spanish to English translation or into another language. Most other offerings explain and translate the content into English. We only speak in Spanish, so we are your best option. Another advantage, we have an authentic Latin American Spanish accent. If you are reading this presentation it  is because you have Internet, therefore, what else is necessary for you to improve your Spanish?... Enthusiasm! and accepting this challenge, that could be one of the most valuable things in your life.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that can be heard on your computer or any MP3 player like an iPod.  To listen you must subscribe. It's free and here you can read instructions on how to get podcasts. If you need extra help to install iTunes app, the software that you can download the audios with, visit iTunes Tutorials. Previous podcast

Are the Spanish Podcasts explained and translated to English?

No, only in Spanish. Hablamos solo en español.

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Take the in Spanish. In the Books section of iTunes Store look for “More to explore” and find “Libros en Español”.



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